Standards & Guidelines

All items, which are received by MT MyCloset, will be carefully reviewed for authentication and style experts to determine appropriate resale value. Only high quality which meets our strict standards is accepted.

Note: Any items you would like back after being sent to us are subject to the cost of shipping and processing. The seller incurs this cost.

Accepted Items

  • New or like-new clothing.
  • New-with-tags (NWT) items.
  • Items that are in-season, on-trend, and have been purchased within the past five years.
  • Authentic handbags or wallets. MT MyCloset does not accept fake merchandise. All luxury goods are put through a rigorous and brand-specific authentication process by our team of luxury retail experts.

The MT MyCloset authentication team thoroughly inspects appropriate serial tags, date codes and materials, so please include any authentication information when sending in luxury items.

Unaccepted Items:

  • Items with missing or broken parts, stains, and odors.
  • Clothing, handbags, or accessories showing signs of significant wear: rips, tears, pilling, fading, shrinkage, or blemishes of any kind.
  • Undergarments, Torn or Ripped Clothing.
  • Unaccepted Brands.
  • Clothing and handbags that are not manufactured by the brand represented on the item.
  • Holiday-themed items.
  • Outdated items.

Accepted Boutiques

  • Boutiques with a social media following and are in need of an avenue to further sales.
  • Boutiques selling clothing, jewelry, accessories or shoes.
  • Boutiques selling Men’s, Women’s, or Kids merchandise.
  • Boutiques selling Formal or Casual Wear.
  • Boutiques selling custom made to order merchandise (as long as the business has product available for sale.)

Unaccepted Boutiques:

  • Boutiques selling consignment clothing or merchandise.
  • Boutiques selling anything external to fashion.
  • Boutiques selling holiday-themed items.
  • Boutiques selling swimwear or undergarment related items.

General Questions

What Happens to My Unaccepted Items?

Your items are reviewed prior to having them being sent to us so there is no issue of acceptance.

However, if you do send items that are not a part of the agreed submission process to sell, those items become the property of MT MyCloset and we have full rights to resell or recycle the items at our discretion. MT MyCloset works with organizations to distribute, resell and recycle all unaccepted clothing.

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Can I Get Back My Accepted Items?

Yes. You can ask to have your items returned to you after 10 days of posting. You are responsible for all costs of having them shipped back to you. If you decide to donate your clothing if they do not sell we will happily handle that for you once you have provided the approval to do so within the 90 days of the posting window.

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