FAQ: Shipping

Shipping items to us is FREE. We handle all costs as we want you to send your items to us and have the ability to do so without incurring high fees.

Your shipping label will be provided to you once your items have been approved to be shipped after the “SELL” application has been initially reviewed. The shipping label is to be printed and attached to your packaged box.

You can drop the box off to a local UPS location or call UPS for a pick up and they will handle the rest!

USA – If you are in the United States, please PRINT 3 copies of the commercial invoice and attach it to your package.

We highly recommend you use the smallest box possible to package your items. If you have a bulk sized box it is more difficult for our carriers to ensure your items do not get damaged on the way to us. We recommend checking your local stores for cardboard boxes (tape them well!).

Some recommendations are: Home Depot, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

If you have any questions please contact us at info@mtmycloset.com to get clarification.

Go to Your Account – Purchase History for all tracking. MT MyCloset tracking numbers and Boutique will update tracking numbers as they receive order. All tracking for your orders will be available under Purchase History.

MT MyCloset processes orders as quickly as possible, which means we may not be able to update shipping addresses before packages are processed. Once a package is shipped, the shipping address cannot be changed. In these cases, we recommend contacting your local post office to establish a mail forwarding address.

If you need to update your shipping address, please go to Your Account to update your address to the most recent as soon as possible.

MT MyCloset offers expedited shipping for orders, but this must be selected at the time of the order. MT MyCloset processes orders as quickly as possible, which means we may not be able to upgrade your shipping.

If you would like to update your shipping method, please contact us at info@mtmycloset.com and we will try and accommodate your request.

Once the items have been shipped from your location or drop off – the tracking number for your items that you have sent will show up in
My Account > Seller Dashbaord > Applications.

When MT MyCloset has received your items. An email will be sent to you confirming we have received your items and they are under evaluation!

You will be presented with a quote and commission rates via e-mail. You will have the ability to accept or counter the quote.

If your item(s) are pulled from the system to be shipped to you, once our carrier has picked up your items you will be notified with a tracking number to track your items back to your provided shipping address. You will be notified via e-mail.