About Us

We are MT MyCloset

An online marketplace focused on Formal East Indian Wear, Men’s Suits and Luxury Goods based in Edmonton, Alberta.

Amit Kanwar & Naina Batra-Kanwar launched MT MyCloset on June 28, 2019. They have a goal of bringing your personal closets online, in a standardized trust-worthy manner with a seamless process for both the Buyer and Seller. In addition, MT MyCloset provides a platform for local boutiques around the world to become International Sellers.

We are in a growth stage and expect to build our relationships with our customers quickly to become an industry leader in creating a one-stop shopping experience for both women & men. Our leaders and a team of experts have years of experience in the fashion industry, marketing, and customer satisfaction. We also enjoy being trendsetters and eco-friendly…Read on to learn about how we began, and where we’re heading!

“Fashion is an everyday experience, we want others to know when you step out the door every day your first impression is ever-lasting. Look Good and Feel Good.”

Amit Kanwar, Founder

Amit Kanwar, Founder & Naina Batra Kanwar, Co-Founder

“What we wear is an expression of ourselves.”

Naina Batra Kanwar, Co-Founder

The Idea

Naina was going through her closet and she was having a conversation with her mom “I have worn this once, this twice, I won’t be wearing these again but I have run out of closet space”. This sparked an idea, what if people could sell their previously owned merchandise while sitting at home?

This online platform will allow you to sell your items, purchase brand new wardrobes, and follow closets from around the world!

But WAIT…what about all those great up and coming brands? We have provided an extension where you can sell items from your closet but Boutiques can supply additional items for all you buyers! You now have a one-stop shop to create a full outfit while sitting in your bed!

But WAIT…what about all those great influencers on the web? Our platform is selectively pulling your favorite people from around the globe to sell their closets too! You will be able to follow your favorite people and they can now sell their items to you. How amazing!

All these ideas are thought out and we ensure a seamless and easy way for you.

Always remember at MT MyCloset we want you to create #profitinyourpocket and to #buysmarter

Our Vision

Our vision at MT MyCloset is growth! We want this platform to be a viable solution to sell your extravagant outfits without the worry that the item is what it states. We want you to feel you are not purchasing consignment but purchasing luxury at a discounted rate.

We want this to grow into a global community and we can only do that if we can continue to support your closets and your boutiques!

Our Mission

We want to help out others generate profit, save money, and empty out their closets. We envision a community where we are making an eco-friendly impact in the world by re-using textile waste and ensuring everyone gets the opportunity to experience luxury and fashionable clothing. The global effort is to ensure everyone feels like MT MyCloset is a Win-Win!

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